363-1066-00L  Developing a Worksite Health Promotion Project: A Group Workshop

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2018
DozierendeG. Bauer, R. Brauchli, G. J. Jenny
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung

KurzbeschreibungThe fast changing, performance-oriented economy implies increasing challenges and opportunities for the health of employees. Creating good psychosocial working conditions and promoting healthy lifestyles of employees becomes more and more important. Students learn how to develop an effective, real-life worksite health promotion project of their choice in a group.
LernzielStudents become familiar with challenges and opportunities of a changing world of work. They get an overview of what the fields of worksite health promotion and work and organizational psychology offer to solve related issues. On this basis, they learn how to develop an effective, real life worksite health promotion project in a group – addressing both lifestyle factors and working conditions.
During the project work, they learn to follow the typical phases of selecting a relevant worksite health issue, conducting an analysis, formulating smart goals of a project, developing a realistic action plan, estimating the time and money needed for these actions, and finally evaluating the impact of the project. This will strengthen their general project management skills.
Students will know how to consider key quality criteria of worksite health promotion projects: 1.) how to follow a systematic, evidence-based approach (project management), 2.) how to assure involvement of and thus acceptance by the users (participation), 3.) how to consider both individual, lifestyle-related and organizational, work-related factors (balance), and 4.) how to assure a long-term impact of the project (sustainability). This will increase the impact of their future worksite health promotion projects.
D-MTEC students will be able to systematically address employee health and performance in their future management practice. D-HEST students will be able to apply their health promotion knowledge to the challenging context of corporations. D-USYS students will be able to consider lifestyle factors and the working environment in their future work.
The collaboration of these interdisciplinary student groups in developing an applied, practical worksite health promotion project will foster their ability to solve real life problems in a transdisciplinary manner.
Inhalt1. Current actions and challenges in occupational health incl. work 4.0
2. Framing and justifying an occupational health issue
3. Levels of change: individual, team, leader, organization
4. Participatory design of worksite health promotion projects
5. Lifestyle interventions at work
6. Digital Tools in worksite health promotion
7. Stress Management & job crafting
8. Good working conditions & health
9. Beyond work: work-life balance
10. Project management principles
11. Evaluation of process and outcome of worksite health promotion projects
12. Presentations of group work
13. Presentations of group work

Each lecture date consists of a one lecture input by an expert in the respective field, followed by one lecture tutored group work of the students immediately applying the new knowledge to the worksite health promotion projects of their choice. During the last two dates, the student groups present their projects to the entire class which will assess strengths and weaknesses of the respective project. As the whole course is designed as a hands-on group workshop for the students, active participation in all lecture dates is expected.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesA course for dedicated students who like to devote their presence to applied learning in groups.
Advance proposals by students for topics of the group project are welcome: Link