551-0963-00L  Specialized Biology Course with an Educational Focus: Teaching Diploma

SemesterSpring Semester 2018
LecturersE. Hafen, H. Stocker, M. Zwicky
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionGerman


551-0963-00 AFachwissenschaftliche Vertiefung mit pädagogischem Fokus Biologie: Lehrdiplom
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
**gemeinsam mit der Universität Zürich**
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Ort: Life Science Learning Center
360s hrs
Tue08:45-11:30HCP E 47.1 »
E. Hafen, H. Stocker, M. Zwicky

Catalogue data

AbstractSpecialist aspects of biology are covered from the angle of imparting these to pupils, their historical development, and their significance for the subject, the individual and society.
ObjectiveAfter successfully completing the module, students should be in a position:
- to call up more in-depth specialist knowledge of biology, covering a wide range of topics, and to impart this to others.
- to explain biological concepts and principles, as well as the way they fit together.
- to analyse controversial topics and to give factual explanations for these.
- to conduct more in-depth work on a research topic and to compile a tuition unit based on this topic
- to prepare tuition units involving complex learning matter at a high specialist level which are suitably tailored to the recipients, and to teach these in a manner conducive to learning.
ContentDemanding biological topics are dealt with under consideration of the special needs of persons involved in teaching. The module comprises four parts:

1) Lecture (Tues. 08.00-09.45 hrs)
2) Colloquium (every second Tues. 10.15-12.00 hrs., begins on first lecture day)
3) Seminar with presentation (every second Tues. 10.15-12.00 hrs., begins in second lecture week)
4) Semester thesis in a research group (7 weeks)
Lecture notesUnterlagen für den Unterricht werden online mit Hilfe der e-learning Platform OLAT abgegeben.
LiteratureLiteratur und Literaturhinweise werden mit der e-learning Platform OLAT abgegeben.
Prerequisites / NoticeThis Course lasts for two semesters. It can be started in autonm or in spring. Booking is only required once.

Performance Assessment:
Performance is assessed during the course of the entire modul, with a final test. Active participation in the colloquia and group seminars is required. The thesis report and an oral presentation have to be completed.

The Specialized Biology Course with an Educational Focus (12 CP) can be acknowledged, in agreement with the advisor of the respective elective major, as one of the two obligatory research projects (each 15 CP). In such a case, additional 3 CP must be obtained in another course.

In case of overbooking of the course, students enrolled in the Teaching Diploma in Biology will have priority for registration.

The course is organized jointly with the University of Zurich (Fachbereich Biologie) and is held at the Life Science Zurich Learning Center of the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich.

Performance assessment

Performance assessment information (valid until the course unit is held again)
Performance assessment as a semester course
ECTS credits12 credits
ExaminersE. Hafen, H. Stocker, M. Zwicky
Typeungraded semester performance
Language of examinationGerman
RepetitionRepetition only possible after re-enrolling for the course unit.
Additional information on mode of examinationLeistungsnachweis während der ganzen Dauer des Moduls, mit Schlusstest, Mitarbeit im Kolloquium und im Seminar. Semesterarbeit (schriftlich) und Präsentation (mündlich)

Benotet werden:
- zwei schriftliche Prüfungen (eine am Ende jedes Semesters)

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GeneralPermission from lecturers required for all students

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