101-0449-00L  Management, Marketing, Quality

SemesterAutumn Semester 2017
LecturersU. A. Weidmann
Periodicityyearly recurring course
CourseDoes not take place this semester.
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractTransport and administrative policy, international and national regulation, business management of public transport companies, marketing, advertising and pricing; quality management
ObjectiveComprehension of the transport and administrative policy as well as of the regulation of public transport companies. To develop a full understanding of the three important public transport system operations management processes: (1) Business management; (2) Marketing; (3) Quality control. The course will teach essential working techniques in each of these processes.
Content(1) Transport and administrative policy: Goals of the state related to public transports, governmental activities in public transport, regulation. (2) Business management in public transport enterprises: goals of public transport companies, goals of the business management; management of public transport on the different management levels, business organization. (3) Marketing, advertising and pricing: Fundamentals and goals; marketing strategies and concepts in public transports; marketing tools; putting marketing into action. (4) Quality control: Quality in transport systems; goals of quality management; structuring quality control measures; collecting quality data in an operating service; use of quality control systems for service optimization.
Lecture notesCourse notes will be provided in German. Slides will be made available.
LiteratureReferences to technical literature will be included in the course script. An additional list of literature will be given during the course.
Prerequisites / NoticeLectures System and Network Planning as well as Systems Dimensioning and Capacity recommended.