701-0471-01L  Atmospheric Chemistry

SemesterAutumn Semester 2017
LecturersM. Ammann, D. W. Brunner
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThe lecture provides an introduction to atmospheric chemistry at bachelor level. It introduces the kinetics of gas phase and heterogeneous reactions on aerosols and in clouds and explains the chemical and physical mechanisms responsible for global (e.g. stratospheric ozone depletion) as well as regional (e.g. urban air pollution) environmental problems.
ObjectiveThe students will understand the basics of gas phase and heterogeneous reactions and will know the most relevant atmospheric chemical processes taking place in the gas phase as well as between different phases including aerosols and clouds.
The students will also acquire a good understanding of atmospheric environmental problems including air pollution, stratospheric ozone destruction and changes in the oxidative capacity of the global atmosphere.
Content- Origin and properties of the atmosphere: structure, large scale dynamics, UV radiation
- Thermodynamics and kinetics of gas phase reactions: enthalpy and free energy of reactions, rate laws, mechanisms of bimolecular and termolecular reactions.
- Tropospheric photochemistry: Photolysis reactions, photochemical O3 formation, role and budget of HOx, dry and wet deposition
- Aerosols and clouds: chemical properties, primary and secondary aerosol sources
- Multiphase chemistry: heterogeneous kinetics, solubility and hygroscopicity, N2O5 chemistry, SO2 oxidation, secondary organic aerosols
- Air quality: role of planetary boundary layer, summer- versus winter-smog, environmental problems, legislation, long-term trends
- Stratospheric chemistry: Chapman cycle, Brewer-Dobson circulation, catalytic ozone destruction cycles, polar ozone hole, Montreal protocol
- Global aspects: global budgets of ozone, methane, CO and NOx, air quality - climate interactions
Lecture notesVorlesungsunterlagen (Folien) werden laufend während des Semesters jeweils mind. 2 Tage vor der Vorlesung zur Verfügung gestellt.
Prerequisites / NoticeAttendance of the lecture "Atmosphäre" LV 701-0023-00L or equivalent is a pre-requisite.