363-0341-00L  Introduction to Management

SemesterHerbstsemester 2017
DozierendeS. Brusoni, P. Baschera
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung


363-0341-00 GIntroduction to Management2 Std.
Do15:15-17:00HG F 1 »
16.11.17:15-19:00HG F 1 »
23.11.17:15-19:00HG F 1 »
S. Brusoni, P. Baschera


KurzbeschreibungThis course is an introduction to the critical management skills involved in planning, structuring, controlling and leading an organization.
LernzielWe develop a 'systemic' view of organizations.
We look at organizations as part of an industry context, which is affected by different elements like strategy, structure, culture, tasks, people and outputs.
We consider how managerial decisions are made in any one of these domains affect decisions in each of the others.
InhaltFurther information is available on the Tim Group Chair's website:

and on the Moodle of the course:
(The Enrollment Key to Moodle will be provided during the course. Please contact the TA of the course: Ms. Barbara La Cara, Link)
SkriptThe content of the course will rely on the book:
Dess, G. G., Lumpkin, G. T., Eisner, A. B., & McNamara, G. 2012. Introduction to Management. New York: McGraw Hill.

Selected readings from the book and additional learning materials will be available on the course Moodle:

All the materials uploaded on Moodle must be considered as required readings.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThe final exam of the present course is in written form.
The final exam is requested for all types of students (BSc, MSc, MAs, PhD, and Exchange students).
It is not possible to retake the exam within the same term or academic year.
We strongly recommend Exchange students to take it into consideration when selecting the courses to attend.


Information zur Leistungskontrolle (gültig bis die Lerneinheit neu gelesen wird)
Leistungskontrolle als Semesterkurs
ECTS Kreditpunkte3 KP
PrüfendeS. Brusoni, P. Baschera
RepetitionDie Leistungskontrolle wird nur am Semesterende nach der Lerneinheit angeboten. Die Repetition ist nur nach erneuter Belegung möglich.
Zusatzinformation zum PrüfungsmodusClosed book examination: no written or printed material.
No dictionaries and electronic devices (cellphones, calculators etc.) are allowed. English questions and answers.


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