701-1235-00L  Cloud Microphysics

SemesterHerbstsemester 2017
DozierendeZ. A. Kanji, U. Lohmann
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
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701-1235-00 VCloud Microphysics2 Std.
Di10:15-12:00CHN F 42 »
Z. A. Kanji, U. Lohmann
701-1235-00 UCloud Microphysics1 Std.
Di12:15-13:00CHN F 42 »
Z. A. Kanji, U. Lohmann


KurzbeschreibungClouds are a fascinating atmospheric phenomenon central to the hydrological cycle and the Earth`s climate. Interactions between cloud particles can result in precipitation, glaciation or evaporation of the cloud depending on its microstructure and microphysical processes.
LernzielThe learning objective of this course is that students understand the formation of clouds and precipitation and can apply learned principles to interpret atmospheric observations of clouds and precipitation.
Inhaltsee: http://www.iac.ethz.ch/edu/courses/master/modules/cloud-microphysics.html
SkriptThis course will be designed as a reading course in 1-2 small groups of 8 students maximum. It will be based on the textbook below. The students are expected to read chapters of this textbook prior to the class so that open issues, fascinating and/or difficult aspects can be discussed in depth.
LiteraturPao K. Wang: Physics and dynamics of clouds and precipitation, Cambridge University Press, 2012
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesTarget group: Master students in Atmosphere and Climate


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PrüfendeZ. A. Kanji, U. Lohmann
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Prüfungsmodusmündlich 30 Minuten
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Primäre ZielgruppeAtmospheric and Climate Science MSc (661000)
Umweltnaturwissenschaften MSc (736000)
WartelisteBis 22.09.2017
BelegungsendeBelegung nur bis 29.09.2017 möglich

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