101-0617-00L  Materials IV

SemesterHerbstsemester 2017
DozierendeH. J. Herrmann, I. Burgert, R. J. Flatt, F. Wittel
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101-0617-00 GMaterials IV2 Std.
Mo12:45-14:30HIL E 8 »
H. J. Herrmann, I. Burgert, R. J. Flatt, F. Wittel


KurzbeschreibungThis lecture is focused on current issues of materials research from various fields. It provides an overview on various directions of research on civil engineering materials and is intended to simplify the further choice of courses.
LernzielBased on the bachelor courses „Materials I-III“, current, fundamental, and important issues of specific building materials are addressed. Next to aspects of material production, usage and properties, their interaction with the environment e.g. by durability and environmental impact are addressed. This course is intended to simplify the further selection of courses.
InhaltThe lecture is segmented into 13 important problems, namely:
1. Materials, Structures, and Sustainability
2. Granular matter: (DEM)
3. Fracture mechanics and size effects in concrete
4. Cyclic failure of asphalt (Fatigue)
5. Mechanics and failure of fiber reinforces materials
6. Wood: from the tree to the beam (multi scale approaches)
7. Transport and degradation in porous building materials
8. Rheology
9. Plasticity
10. Foam (e.g. polymers)
11. Gluing and coating (surfaces)
12. Asbestos, nano particles and hazardous substances
13. Biomimetics in Constructions
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Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThe lecture will be given in english.


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PrüfendeH. J. Herrmann, I. Burgert, R. J. Flatt, F. Wittel
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