851-0144-20L  Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Physics

SemesterAutumn Semester 2016
LecturersN. Sieroka, R. Renner
Periodicitynon-recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentParticularly suitable for students of D-CHAB, D-PHYS

AbstractThis course provides an introduction to philosophical issues surrounding quantum physics. In particular, we will examine different interpretations of quantum mechanics (such as the many-world interpretation) and the transition between the quantum and the classical physical realm (here phenomena such as decoherence will be highlighted).
ObjectiveBy the end of the course students are able to describe and compare different interpretations of quantum mechanics. They are able to identify and examine issues concerning these different interpretations and issues concerning the transition between quantum and classical descriptions in physics. Students are in a position to critically discuss and evaluate the repercussions of these issues in broader scientific contexts.