853-0047-01L  World Politics Since 1945: The History of International Relations (Without Exercises)

SemesterAutumn Semester 2022
LecturersA. Wenger
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman


853-0047-00 VWeltpolitik seit 1945: Geschichte der internationalen Beziehungen2 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00CAB G 11 »
A. Wenger

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AbstractThis lecture series provides students with an overview of the development of international relations since the end of World War II. The first part of the series deals with the development of and changes in Cold War security policy structures. The second part deals with the period after the transformation of 1989/91; the focus here is on current issues in international security policy.
ObjectiveBy the end of the semester, participants should have a solid knowledge of the history and theoretical foundations of International Relations since the end of the Second World War.
Contentcf. "Diploma Supplement"
Prerequisites / NoticeThe lecure is being supported by a website on Moodle. If you have any questions, please contact Oliver roos (Link).
Subject-specific CompetenciesConcepts and Theoriesassessed
Techniques and Technologiesfostered
Method-specific CompetenciesAnalytical Competenciesassessed
Media and Digital Technologiesfostered
Project Managementfostered
Social CompetenciesCommunicationfostered
Cooperation and Teamworkfostered
Customer Orientationfostered
Leadership and Responsibilityfostered
Self-presentation and Social Influence fostered
Sensitivity to Diversityfostered
Personal CompetenciesAdaptability and Flexibilityassessed
Creative Thinkingfostered
Critical Thinkingassessed
Integrity and Work Ethicsfostered
Self-awareness and Self-reflection fostered
Self-direction and Self-management assessed

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ECTS credits3 credits
ExaminersA. Wenger
Typegraded semester performance
Language of examinationGerman
RepetitionRepetition possible without re-enrolling for the course unit.
Additional information on mode of examinationDatum wird zu Beginn des Semesters noch bekannt gegeben; 90 Min schriftliche Prüfung; keine Hilfsmittel erlaubt

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