052-0564-21L  Fifty-Fifty: Acoustics in Public Spaces and 50 Years of Women's Voting Rights in Switzerland

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersE. Mosayebi
Periodicitynon-recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractOn the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Swiss women's right to vote in 2021, an experimental ephemeral structure will be designed and constructed within the framework of a seminar in the spring semester and a subsequent elective work over the summer, which will use the Münsterhof in an intelligent, sensitive and surprising way. The installation will be built in September.
ObjectiveConception and realization of a temporary structure in cooperation with organizers, authorities and specialists.
ContentOn the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Swiss women's suffrage in 2021, there is an opportunity to work with the créatrices.ch association, which wants to make the achievements of women in the environment and lifestyle visible. A spatial installation will occupy the Münsterhof in Zurich for ten days. In terms of content, the installation and its display refer to the period from 1971–2071, 50 years back and 50 years ahead. 50:50 is the goal, 50:50 also symbolically represents the participation of men and women. The architectural framework we are looking for offers space for fun activities and discussions about equality and democracy.
Together with students from the ETH, an experimental ephemeral structure is to be designed and constructed as part of an elective, which plays on the urban space in an intelligent, sensitive and surprising way and invites visitors to be politically committed to the past and above all to the future . The installation takes into account the ideas of the association and, in its materialization and design, takes a position on current issues about climate, consumption and community. One special focus is placed on the human voice - as a central instrument of expression and communication - through which the charter of créatrices2021 is presented in a variety of ways,
modulated and reproduced far into the urban space.