064-0018-21L  Research Methods in Landscape and Urban Studies

SemesterSpring Semester 2021
LecturersG. Vogt, T. Avermaete, T. Galí-Izard, C. Girot, H. Klumpner, F. Persyn, C. Schmid
Periodicityevery semester recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractAs part of the ‘Doctoral Programme in Landscape and Urban Studies’, the ‘Research Methods in Landscape and Urban Studies' seminar offers PhD students at the D-Arch an application-oriented introduction into the variety of methodologies and tools available to conduct research on the (built) environment at the urban and territorial scale.
ObjectiveThe seminar's objective is to introduce PhD students to the multitude of research methodologies, tools, and techniques within the fields of urban studies, urban design, territorial planning and landscape architecture. Based on the conveyed knowledge, the seminar ultimately aims at enabling PhD candidates to critically assess existing methods and tools, and to refine and develop an academically sound research framework for their own studies.
ContentThe seminar is organised along four modules that are arranged according to the PhD classes' particular needs:

A: Methodology Module >>> Introduction of a research methodology/approach by an expert + exercise and discussion / moderated by doctoral programme coordinator. (3 per semester)

B: Framework Module >>> Sessions organised and conducted by doctoral programme coordinator and invited experts to develop a first overview of different theories on landscape and urban studies (with this semester a specific focus on the Anthropocene and living systems). (3 per semester).

C: Techniques Module >>> Introduction into research techniques and tools / organised by doctoral programme coordinator and respective experts. These modules will make students familiar with technical aspects such as academic writing, or the the use of GIS software and visual analysis (3 per semester)

D. Doctoral Reviews >>> Presentation and discussion of individual PhD projects organised by the doctoral program coordinator with external guests (2 per semester).
Prerequisites / NoticeThe online seminar is jointly organized by the coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Landscape and Urban Studies, and the I-LUS faculty. Although located at the D-Arch, the seminar is open to all doctoral students (at ETH) who are involved or interested in research at the urban and territorial scale.

This seminar is complementing the gta doctoral colloquiums on Thursday afternoons.