401-3622-00L  Statistical Modelling

SemesterAutumn Semester 2020
LecturersP. L. Bühlmann, M. Mächler
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish

AbstractIn regression, the dependency of a random response variable on other variables is examined. We consider the theory of linear regression with one or more covariates, high-dimensional linear models, nonlinear models and generalized linear models, robust methods, model choice and nonparametric models. Several numerical examples will illustrate the theory.
ObjectiveIntroduction into theory and practice of a broad and popular area of statistics, from a modern viewpoint.
ContentIn der Regression wird die Abhängigkeit einer beobachteten quantitativen Grösse von einer oder mehreren anderen (unter Berücksichtigung zufälliger Fehler) untersucht. Themen der Vorlesung sind: Einfache und multiple Regression, Theorie allgemeiner linearer Modelle, Hoch-dimensionale Modelle, Ausblick auf nichtlineare Modelle. Querverbindungen zur Varianzanalyse, Modellsuche, Residuenanalyse; Einblicke in Robuste Regression. Durchrechnung und Diskussion von Anwendungsbeispielen.
Lecture notesLecture notes
Prerequisites / NoticeThis is the course unit with former course title "Regression".
Credits cannot be recognised for both courses 401-3622-00L Statistical Modelling and 401-0649-00L Applied Statistical Regression in the Mathematics Bachelor and Master programmes (to be precise: one course in the Bachelor and the other course in the Master is also forbidden).