851-0240-01L  Designing Learning Environments for School (EW2 TD)

SemesterSpring Semester 2020
LecturersE. Stern, P. Greutmann, J. Maue
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman
CommentPrerequisites: successful participation in 851-0240-00L "Human Learning (EW1)".

Adresses to students enrolled either in Teaching Diploma* (TD) or Teaching Certificate (TC) in Computer Science, Mathematics or Physics.
*Except for students of Sport Teaching Diploma, who complete the sport-specific course unit EW2.

AbstractTeaching is a complex skill. The lecture comprises (a) presentations about the theoretical background of this skill, (b) discussions of practical aspects, and (c) practical exercises.
ObjectiveThe participants have the conceptual und procedural knowledge, and skills necessary for long-term planning, preparing, and implementing good lessons. They can apply this knowledge on different topics of their scientific STEM-background.
ContentWe discuss characteristics of successful lessons and how to design such lessons by using curricula and lesson plans, teaching goals and a variety of teaching methods.
Lecture notesThe lecture comprises interactive parts where the participants elaborate and extend their knowledge and skills. Thus, there is no comprehensive written documentation of the lecture. The participants can download presentation slides, learning materials, and templates from "Moodle".
LiteratureThe necessary literature can be downloaded from "Moodle".
Prerequisites / NoticeThe lecture EW2 can only be attended by students who already successfully completed the lecture Human Learning (EW1).
There will be two independent lectures for different groups of students. You will get further information in an email at the beginning of the semester.
To get the Credits you have to
- regularly attend to the lecture
- have the grade 4 or higher in the final written exam.