853-0061-00L  Introduction to Cybersecurity Poitics

SemesterAutumn Semester 2019
LecturersA. Wenger, M. Dunn Cavelty
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThe lecture is an introduction to global cybersecurity politics. The focus is on the strategic use of cyberspace by state and non-state actors (threats) and different answers to these new challenges (countermeasures).
ObjectiveParticipants learn to assess the advantages and disadvantages of cyberspace as a domain for strategic military operations. They understand the technical basics of cyber operations and know how technology and politics are interlinked in this area. They understand the security challenges for and the motivations of states to be active in cyberspace offensively and defensively and they are familiar with the consequences for international politics.
ContentWe start with an overview of cybersecurity issue from 1980 to today and look at events and actors responsible for turning cybersecurity matters into a security political issue with top priority. After familiarizing ourselves with the technical basics, we look at different forms of cyberviolence and trends in cyber conflicts (technique in social and political practice). Then, we turn to countermeasures: we compare national cybersecurity strategies, examine international norms building, and scrutinize concepts such as cyber-power and cyber-deterrence (technique in social and political regulartory contexts).
Lecture notesA script with background information and comments on the literature will be made available at the beginning of the semester.
LiteratureLiterature for each session will be available on Moodle.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe lecture is being supported by a website on Moodle. If you have any questions, please contact Jasper Frei; jasper.frei@sipo.gess.ethz.ch.