701-1350-00L  Case Studies in Environment and Health

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2021
DozierendeK. McNeill, T. Julian, M. Scheringer
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung


701-1350-00 VCase Studies in Environment and Health
The course will entirely through Zoom.
Further details can be found on Moodle https://moodle-app2.let.ethz.ch/course/view.php?id=14177 and have been sent by e-mail.
The room reservation remains in place if face-to-face teaching is possible after the Easter break or for spring semester 2022.
2 Std.
Do10:15-12:00LFW C 1 »
K. McNeill, T. Julian, M. Scheringer


KurzbeschreibungThis course will focus on a few individual chemicals and pathogens from different standpoints: their basic chemistry or biology, their environmental behavior, (eco)toxicology, and human health impacts. The course will draw out the common points in each chemical or pathogen's history.
LernzielThis course aims to illustrate how the individual properties of chemicals and pathogens along with societal pressures lead to environmental and human health crises. The ultimate goal of the course is to identify common aspects that will improve prediction of environmental crises before they occur. Students are expected to participate actively in the course, which includes the critical reading of the pertinent literature and class presentations.
InhaltEach class will feature the case study of a different chemical or pathogen that have had a profound effect on human health and the environment. The instructors will present eight to ten of these and the students will present a poster on their own pollutant or pathogen in groups of two. Students will be expected to contribute to the in class discussions and, on their selected topics, to lead the discussion.
SkriptHandouts will be provided as needed.
LiteraturHandouts will be provided as needed.


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ECTS Kreditpunkte4 KP
PrüfendeK. McNeill, T. Julian, M. Scheringer
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Zusatzinformation zum PrüfungsmodusSemester performance will be assessed based on both a written term paper and the presentation of a case study.


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