140-0103-00L  Bio-Based Construction

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2020
DozierendeG. Habert, S. Claude
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140-0103-00 GBio-Based Construction
Block course
07.09.2020 - 11.09.2020
36s Std.
07.09. - 11.09.07:45-17:30HPK D 24.2 »
G. Habert, S. Claude


KurzbeschreibungLightweight construction correspond to wooden-framed or prefabricated system fulfilled with a lightweight biobased material. Knowing the technical aspects, limitations and solutions, rules, public market, but also building physic is essential for a good conception and the management of the project.
Lernziel- Know the different techniques of lightweight construction and good practices to prevent future disorders.
- Understand the specific thermal and hygrothermal behaviour.
- Define the cost and planning strategies.
- Know the recent development of lightweight materials.
- Identify the challenges for the organization of bio-material supply chain in a territory.
LiteraturA list of literature will be offered on a specific online platform, that could be used by all students attending the lectures


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PrüfendeG. Habert, S. Claude
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