551-0914-00L  Science and Society and Research Ethics

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2019
DozierendeE. Hafen
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551-0914-00 GScience and Society and Research Ethics
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Block course in the 1st quarter of the spring semester.
100s Std.E. Hafen


KurzbeschreibungThis introductory course addresses the need to improve the dialogue between researchers and society and to deepen the understanding of ethical questions related to research. It provides an opportunity to recognize and discuss the social and ethical aspects of science.
LernzielThe learning objectives of the course are to:
-begin to explore the roles and responsibilities of the modern scientist;
-help you to gain insights as a scientist into the social and ethical aspects of scientific research;
-provide opportunities for you to debate on the social and ethical aspects of science, either from the point of a scientist or as a citizen.
InhaltScientists are increasingly demanded to discuss and communicate social and ethical issues that arise from their work. Understanding these issues is also part of developing science and technology responsibly. However, the formal education system often requires scientists to focus on core science subjects at the expense of learning about the social and ethical implications of their work. In this course, we provide opportunities for practicing scientists to recognize social and ethical aspects of their work, and to develop knowledge and skills to discuss them with confidence.
LiteraturThe course is not taught by a particular book, but recommended literature (review articles and selected primary literature) will be provided during the course. Members of the course will use twitter @DSS131 and #DSS15


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PrüfendeE. Hafen, K. Schawinski
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