Hector Rodriguez Cetina Biefer: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2022

Name PD Dr. Hector Rodriguez Cetina Biefer
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology

376-0305-00LETHeart Joint Scientific Colloquium (Autumn Semester)1 credit1KN. Cesarovic, V. Falk, H. Rodriguez Cetina Biefer
AbstractLectures, presentations and discussions on chosen topics in biologics, (bio-) materials, devices, sensors, robotics and data science and their relevance for cardiovascular medicine.
ObjectiveDeeper, mutual understanding of current medical challengesand technical solutionsin cardiovascular medicine.
ContentTimely and didacticaly stuctured presentations of postgraduate students, post-docs, senior scientists and professorson topics from Zurich Heart / ETHeart projects, followed by lectures on chosen topics of cardiovascular medicine and research given by leading international clinical scientists in the field.
Prerequisites / NoticeNo compulsory prerequisites, but students should have basic knowledge about cardiovascular system, physiology and biomedical research.