Pascal Geissbühler: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

NameMr Pascal Geissbühler
Theaterstrasse 10
8001 Zürich
DepartmentManagement, Technology, and Economics

365-1149-00LIntroduction to Personal Branding and Storytelling Restricted registration - show details
Exclusively for MAS MTEC students (2nd and 4th semester).
1 credit1SB. Rübel, P. Geissbühler
AbstractWe all have a “personal brand” - whenever you are interacting others, you are projecting an image of yourself. Are you ready to take charge of your own brand story and proactively guide your image? Would you like to learn how to effectively tell your story in a memorable way? This course will teach you skills you can rely on throughout your career to help you achieve your goals.
ObjectiveThis highly interactive course will help you to understand and then define your own brand story. By carefully looking at your own values, attributes and strengths from an internal and external perspective, you will first define a genuine and meaningful personal brand for yourself and then learn the storytelling skills you will need to authentically connect with and influence your audience. In addition, you will look at the various channels of communication you can use to proactively build your personal brand.

Specific take-aways from this course:
- Your current personal brand
- Your desired personal “brand house”
- Storytelling frameworks
- Building of your personal story and practice giving them
- Elevator Pitches and practice giving them
- Review of online & offline communication channels with an action plan to activate
- Your Personal Journal to keep and reflect on throughout your career.
ContentThe Personal Branding and Storytelling course will be divided into the following sessions:
Pre-Work: you will be expected to distribute a survey to 5-6 members of your trusted network (e.g. friends, family and work colleagues). The surveys are private and only you will see the information. The survey will be the basis of defining your current personal brand. Additional pre-work will be reading through some articles and completing the first section of your Personal Journal.
Brand Basics: gain a common understanding of what a brand really is and why it is important. We will explore the difference between a corporate brand and a personal brand.
Brand Building: using the pre-work material, we will look at your current personal brand vs. your desired brand. We will take an in-depth look at all parts of a brand house and help you define your own Unique Selling Points (USPs). We will have exercises and break into small teams as needed.
Storytelling Basics: gain a common understanding of the importance of storytelling and different frameworks to approach it.
Storytelling Practice: you will spend time developing your personal story and Elevator Pitch. We will have exercises and break into small teams as needed. You will be given the opportunity to tell your story and obtain feedback.
Communication Channels: we will review the various online and offline communications channels open to you to build your brand with a strong focus on LinkedIn. You will develop a personal action plan based on the channels most relevant to your industry and profession.

Attendance at both days of the course and active participation in the exercises in mandatory for successful completion of the course. Students will be expected to fully complete the pre-work required, including gathering the Trusted Network Survey data and filling in the first part of the Personal Journal. Literature and readings will be announced beforehand.