Sandra Milena Bernal Ulloa: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Sandra Milena Bernal Ulloa
Professur für Tierphysiologie
ETH Zürich, LFW B 54.1
Universitätstrasse 2
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 59 47
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

751-6001-00LForum: Livestock in the World Food System2 credits1SM. Kreuzer, S. M. Bernal Ulloa, R. Mandel, E. Mandel, S. Neuenschwander
AbstractThis forum is a platform for the critical reflection of highly relevant topics of livestock in the frame of the world food system comprising issues from basic knowledge to acceptance in society. The exchange is operated by scientific writing and presentation.
ObjectiveIn the Forum "Livestock in the World Food System", a topic of significance for livestock agriculture is selected by the students and subsequently dealt with from various angles (from scientific basis to production systems, environmental aspects and to the acceptance by society). The students learn to present a scientific subject in writing and orally to an audience and to defend the presentation in a discussion.
ContentThe Forum "Livestock in the World Food System" will take place in blocks of 2 hours each. Once the general topic has been selected, it comprises two elements:

Element 1. Oral Presentation: The students form small groups and are lecturers. There are chair persons (moderators) from outside of these small groups and they also head the discussion. The remaining students and lecturers are the audience.

Element 2. Scientific writing: Option 1: preparation of a short scientific type of paper from a result table offered by the lecturers; Option 2: preparation of an abstract with limited word count from a scientific paper; Option 3: writing of a critical review of a paper. The students have to select 2 of the three options each. There will be a discussion be a discussion in small groups at two dates.

Introductions to both forms of presentation will be offered by lecturers.
The preparation of the oral and written presentations takes place to a small part during the 2-h blocks and mainly outside of this time.
Lecture notesno scriptum
Prerequisites / NoticeRequirements for allocation of the two credit points:
- Theatre presentation (with handout) at the forum
- Delivery of written documents of sufficient quality
- Active participation during the presentations by the other participants
751-6113-00LEndocrinology and Biology of Reproduction3 credits2VS. E. Ulbrich, S. M. Bernal Ulloa
AbstractEndokrinologie und Reproduktionsbiologie der Säugetiere und des Menschen (Anatomie, Morphologie, Physiologie, Regelmechanismen)
Die Systematik der Reproduktionshormone und der Hormonrezeptoren wird erläutert, die Wirkungsmechanismen (Bildung; orale Bioverfügbarkeit; Elimination) erklärt. Mit diesen Grundlagen wird das Verständnis der Regulation der Fortpflanzung umfassend erörtert.
ObjectiveDie Studierenden erlangen das grundlegende theoretische Verständnis und Fachwissen zur Endokrinologie der Reproduktion und zur weiblichen und männlichen Reproduktionsbiologie. Sie können darüber hinaus pathologische Situationen (Fortpflanzungsstörungen) und deren vielfältige Ursachen in den physiologischen Kontext einordnen.