Monika Streule Ulloa Nieto: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name Dr. Monika Streule Ulloa Nieto

052-0704-00LSociology II Information 2 credits2VC. Schmid, I. Apostol, M. A. Glaser, L. B. Howe, M. Streule Ulloa Nieto
AbstractSociology II introduces current perspectives and methods on urban studies in the first and second part (Monika Streule and Lindsay Blair Howe). The third and fourth parts of the course discuss housing as social and cultural practice, and neighborhood life in the right to the city context (Marie Glaser and Ileana Apostol).
ObjectiveThis series of lectures enables students to comprehend the built environment in its social context. It approaches the architectural profession from two different angles: macro-sociological and micro-sociological.
ContentIn the first part, Sociology II focuses on current perspectives of analysis in urban studies. Theoretical approaches are presented with the help of concrete case studies. First, the postcolonial perspective in urban studies will be introduced, illustrated with examples of empirical research. This part concludes with an introduction into scientific research by presenting different methods in the analysis of urbanization processes in Mexico City, Tokyo and San Francisco (lecturer: Monika Streule). In the second part, transdisciplinary research initiatives and planning processes will be presented using examples from Sub-Saharan and East Africa (lecturer: Lindsay Blair Howe). In the third part, various models of housing are discussed (lecturer: Marie Glaser), and in the fourth part, urbanity and the quality of life in the neighborhood are placed in the right to the city context (lecturer: Ileana Apostol).
Lecture notesNo script - Information available at the following link:
LiteratureVarious texts, in addition to the lecture will be provided.