Pierre Jousset: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2022

NameMr Pierre Jousset
In der Ey 47
8047 Zürich
DepartmentMechanical and Process Engineering

151-0717-00LMechanical Production: Assembly, Joining and Coating Technology4 credits2V + 1UK. Wegener, V. H. Derflinger, P. Jousset
AbstractUnderstanding of the complexity of the assembly process as well as its meaning as success and cost factor. The assembly with the different aspects of adding, moving, adjusting, controling parts etc.. Adding techniques; solvable and unsolvable connections. Assembly plants. Coating techniques and their tasks, in particular corrosion protection.
ObjectiveTo understand assembly in its full complexity and its paramount importance regarding cost and financial success. An introduction into a choice of selected joining and coating techniques.
ContentAssembly as combination of several classes of action like, e.g., joining, handling, fine adjustments, etc. Techniques for joining objects temporarily or permanently. Assembly systems.
Coating processes and their specific applications, with particular emphasis on corrosion protection.
Lecture notesYes
Prerequisites / NoticeRecommended to the focus production engineering.
Majority of lecturers from the industry.