Joaquín Ruano Céspedes: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2020

NameMr Joaquín Ruano Céspedes
Sprachenzentrum UZH und ETH Zürich
ETH Zürich
Rämistrasse 71
8006 Zürich
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences

851-0846-01LSpanish B2: Starter Information Restricted registration - show details
Your course regristration is only valid with a simultaneous online registration at the "Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich" (Link).

Course fee: CHF 80.00
2 credits2GJ. Ruano Céspedes
AbstractThe course is aimed for students and staff of the University and ETH Zurich having passed level B1.2 and for those who know and correctly use all indicative tenses, as well as the subjunctive in its present and perfect forms. On the other hand, they should be able to make themselves fluently understood in every day conversations and read intermediate level texts.
ObjectiveThe course aims towards integrating grammar and oral/written communication. We will present new grammar topics and will introduce them into the oral practice.
ContentThe most important grammatical topic will be the imperfecto and pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo in subordinate structures. Free and directed discussion will be enhanced. We will read diverse text forms from Spanish and Latin American Authors.
Lecture notesThe teacher will provide the script. A small fee of CHF 5.00 be collected.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe certificate and ETCS points are granted to the students who have complied with the following requirements:
* Participation in the weekly lessons (maximum 3 absences)
* A mininum of 2 hours of self study (reading and grammar exercises)
* Presentation of one of the chosen texts
* Passing of a final exam

Important information for ETH students: The enrollment in this course at the Sprachenzentrum does not enrol the student automatically fot the granting of the D-GESS points. Please inform yourself.