Claudius Rolf Dietzsch: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Claudius Rolf Dietzsch
DepartmentMechanical and Process Engineering

151-0761-00LPractice Course to Focus Projects on Product Development Restricted registration - show details
Only students for focus projects. 2 up to 3 students per focus project.
3 credits3GR. P. Haas, C. R. Dietzsch, I. Goller, C. Schorno
AbstractThis course provides comprehensive input to ongoing focus project teams in the areas of project management, communication and presentation, as well as dealing with the media, coaches and patents and safety issues.
ObjectiveParticipants will receive tips, hints and background information from experienced tutors appliccable to current projects.
ContentProject Management
- Creating a solid project base
- Project planning and controlling
- Product validation and testing
- Problem solving cycle and decicion taking transparent for others

- Communication within the team and with coaches
- Public Relations in a Nutshell (*)
- How to aquire and manage suppliers and sponsors (*)
- Technical repots
- Review presentations

Handling of and guidance to
- Expectation management and dealing with conflicts
- Burnout prevention, time management, work disturbances (*)
- Safety issues (*)
- Issues regardring patents (*)

(*) Topics compulsary for all focus projekt teams
Lecture notesLecture notes and documentation will be electronically available.
Prerequisites / Notice- for students only participating in a Focus Project in the same semester