Bruno Giuseppe Rüttimann: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2022

NameMr Bruno Giuseppe Rüttimann
Dep. Maschinenbau und Verf.technik
ETH Zürich, PFA H 15
Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zürich
DepartmentMechanical and Process Engineering

151-0032-10LEngineering Tool: Introduction to the Methods of Six Sigma Quality Control and Lean Production Restricted registration - show details
All Engineering Tools courses are for MAVT Bachelor’s degree students only.

Number of participants limited to 36.
0.4 credits1KB. G. Rüttimann
AbstractThe course introduces to Six Sigma quality management and quality improvement, which aims to reduce process variation and to sustain process capability. It introduces also to the Lean production principles, aiming to reduce waste within the processes as well as aiming to a customer taked JIT pull-production.
ObjectiveThe participant gets an overview to the Operational Excellence philosophy and the working methods of these two approches. He learns the most important tools and the interaction of these two approaches. Introduction to the theory-specific aspects of Lean.
Content1. Understanding the changing environment
- Globalization, customer requirements, production systems
- Six Sigma quality philosophy
- Lean Manufacturing and TPS (Toyota Production System)

2. Quality management with Six Sigma
- What is Six Sigma
- DMAIC problem solving approach
- Use of different control charts
- Evaluate process capability, DPMO, Cp, Cpk, Taguchi
- Cause-effect diagram
- Control plan and sustainability, PDCA

3. Introduction to the Lean approach
- TPS model, Lean goals and principles
- A3 project management
- The 9 types of waste
- Value add and non value add activities
- The 8 Lean-Tools , whereof 4
- 5S workplace organization
- Value stream mapping (excercise), Little's law, process metrics
- Continous flow vs batch
- Pull Principles, Kanban, DBR
- Cell design
- Linear Programming

4. Lean and Six Sigma in practice
- How fits Lean and Six Sigma together
- Continuous Improvement/Kaizen organization
- Change-Management, risks
- Inspire OPEX deployment approach
Lecture notesNotes will be distributet.

Rüttimann: Lean Compendium - Introduction to Modern Manufacturing Theory, Springer International, 2017

Rüttimann, Stöckli: Elements of Advanced Manufacturing Theory, Springer International, 2022

Ohno: Toyota Production System - Beyond Large Scale Production, Productivity Press, New York, 1988

Töpfer: Six Sigma - Konzeption und Erfolgsbeispiele für praktizierte Null-Fehler Qualität, Springer, 2007
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