Christophe Copéret: Courses in Autumn Semester 2021

Name Prof. Dr. Christophe Copéret
Name variantsChristophe Coperet
FieldSurface and Interfacial Chemistry
Lab. für Anorganische Chemie
ETH Zürich, HCI H 229
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 93 94
DepartmentChemistry and Applied Biosciences
RelationshipFull Professor

529-0132-AALInorganic Chemistry III: Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis
Enrolment ONLY for MSc students with a decree declaring this course unit as an additional admission requirement.

Any other students (e.g. incoming exchange students, doctoral students) CANNOT enrol for this course unit.

This course does not offer a lecture of its own but it is linked to the course 529-0132-00L.
4 credits9R
529-0132-AA RInorganic Chemistry III: Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis
Self-study course. No presence required.
120s hrsC. Copéret, A. Togni
529-0132-00LInorganic Chemistry III: Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis4 credits3G
529-0132-00 GAnorganische Chemie III: Metallorganische Chemie und Homogenkatalyse3 hrs
Thu13:45-14:30HCI J 4 »
Fri09:45-11:30HCI J 4 »
20.12.13:45-15:30HCI J 6 »
C. Copéret, A. Togni
529-0199-00LInorganic and Organometallic Chemistry0 credits2K
529-0199-00 KInorganic and Organometallic Chemistry2 hrs
Tue17:45-19:30HCI J 7 »
16.11.16:45-17:30HCI J 7 »
23.11.16:45-17:30HCI J 7 »
21.12.16:45-17:30HCI J 7 »
C. Copéret, H. Grützmacher, D. Günther, M. Kovalenko, V. Mougel