Ndaona Chokani: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2018

Name Dr. Ndaona Chokani
Professur f. Aerothermodynamik
ETH Zürich, ML J 22
Sonneggstrasse 3
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 23 87
Fax+41 44 632 11 00
DepartmentMechanical and Process Engineering

151-0204-00LAerospace Propulsion4 credits2V + 1UR. S. Abhari, N. Chokani
AbstractIn this course, an introduction of working principals of aero-engines and the related background in aero- and thermodynamics is presented. System as well as component engineering aspects of engine design are examined.
ObjectiveIntroduction of working principals of aero-engines and the related background in aero- and thermodynamics. Engineering aspects of engine design.
ContentThis course focuses on the fundamental concepts as well as the applied technologies for aerospace application, with a primary focus related to aviation. The systematic evolution of the aircraft propulsion engines, from turbojet to the modern high bypass ratio turbofan, including the operational limitations, are examined. Following the system analysis, the aerodynamic design of each component, including the inlet, fan, compressor, combustors, turbines and exhaust nozzles are presented. The mechanical and material limitations of the modern designed are also discussed. The environmental aspects of propulsion (noise and emissions) are also presented. In the last part of the course, a basic introduction to the fundamentals of space propulsion is also presented.
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