Werner Hofbauer: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2019

Name Dr. Werner Hofbauer
Consenec AG
Im Segelhof
5405 Baden
Telephone+41 58 586 8360
DepartmentInformation Technology and Electrical Engineering

227-0759-00LInternational Business Management for Engineers3 credits2VW. Hofbauer
AbstractGlobalization of markets increases global competition and requires enterprises to continuously improve their performance to sustainably survive. Engineers substantially contribute to the success of an enterprise provided they understand and follow fundamental international market forces, economic basics and operational business management.
ObjectiveThe goal of the lecture is to get a basic understanding of international market mechanisms and their consequences for a successful enterprise. Students will learn by practical examples how to analyze international markets, competition as well as customer needs and how they convert into a successful portfolio an enterprise offers to the global market. They will understand the basics of international business management, why efficient organizations and effective business processes are crucial for the successful survival of an enterprise and how all this can be implemented.
ContentThe first part of the course provides an overview about the development of international markets, the expected challenges and the players in the market. The second part is focusing on the economic aspects of an enterprise, their importance for the long term success and how to effectively manage an international business. Based on these fundamentals the third part of the course explains how an innovative product portfolio of a company can be derived from considering the most important external factors and which consequences in respect of product innovation, competitive product pricing, organization and business processes emerge. Each part of the course includes practical examples to demonstrate the procedure.
Lecture notesA script is provided for this lecture.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe lecture will be held in three blocks each of them on a Saturday (starts on September 21, 2019). Each block will focus on one of the three main topics of the course. Between the blocks the students will work on specific case studies to deepen the subject matter. About two weeks after the third block a written examination will be conducted.