Urs Lang: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2019

Name Prof. Dr. Urs Lang
Professur für Mathematik
ETH Zürich, HG G 27.3
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 60 11
RelationshipFull Professor

401-3531-00LDifferential Geometry I Information
At most one of the three course units (Bachelor Core Courses)
401-3461-00L Functional Analysis I
401-3531-00L Differential Geometry I
401-3601-00L Probability Theory
can be recognised for the Master's degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics.
10 credits4V + 1UU. Lang
AbstractIntroduction to differential geometry and differential topology. Contents: Curves, (hyper-)surfaces in R^n, geodesics, curvature, Theorema Egregium, Theorem of Gauss-Bonnet. Hyperbolic space. Differentiable manifolds, immersions and embeddings, Sard's Theorem, mapping degree and intersection number, vector bundles, vector fields and flows, differential forms, Stokes' Theorem.
Lecture notesPartial lecture notes are available from https://people.math.ethz.ch/~lang/
LiteratureDifferential geometry in R^n:
- Manfredo P. do Carmo: Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
- Wolfgang Kühnel: Differentialgeometrie. Kurven-Flächen-Mannigfaltigkeiten
- Christian Bär: Elementare Differentialgeometrie
Differential topology:
- Dennis Barden & Charles Thomas: An Introduction to Differential Manifolds
- Victor Guillemin & Alan Pollack: Differential Topology
- Morris W. Hirsch: Differential Topology
401-5530-00LGeometry Seminar Information 0 credits1KM. Einsiedler, P. Feller, U. Lang, A. Sisto, University lecturers
AbstractResearch colloquium