Michael Buchmann: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Michael Buchmann
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

751-6901-00LNiches in Animal Production Restricted registration - show details 1 credit1GM. Kreuzer, M. Buchmann
AbstractThis course deals with unconventional animals or production forms and specific aspects of for keeping them in Europe or, more specifically, in Switzerland. This includes e.g. rare breeds, wild cattle, deer, camelids, ostrich and fish. Particular emphasis will be given to the regulations and the problems occurring with import, housing and marketing of the products.
ObjectiveAt the end of the course the students are able to describe the conditions of keeping unconventional livestock and to develop recommendations for farmers intending to include niche production into the farm enterprise.
ContentThe contact hour part of the course (16 h) is conceptually a block course which is subdivided into one day of lecture and one day of excursion.

The non-contact hour part (14 h) is to comprehend the information given and to prepare for the examination
Lecture notesA documentation will be provided at the start of the course.
LiteratureWill be communicated at the start of the course.
Prerequisites / NoticeLecture and excursion have the same weight with respect to time allocation