Johannes Fütterer: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

Name Dr. Johannes Fütterer
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

551-1420-00LMolecular Biology2 credits2GD. Santelia, J. Fütterer
AbstractThe course deals with
(i) Structure and replication of DNA, transcription, RNA processing, translation, mutation and DNA repair, stability and variability of genomes, regulation of gene activities. (ii) Modern molecular methods by which these processes are examined. (iii) Practical applications in genetic engineering, plant breeding and food biotechnology.
ObjectiveAt the end of this course, students are able to (i) Define technical terms of molecular biology and apply them to biological phenomena. (ii) Understand the structure and function of the genetic material as well as the processes of its natural and artificial change. (iii) Describe standard methods of molecular biology and explain their applications.
Literature“Molecular Biology, Principles of Genome Function”, Second Edition (2014), Oxford
N. Craig, O. Cohen-Fix, R. Green, C. Greider, G. Storz, C. Wolberger