Lino Guzzella: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Award: The Golden Owl
Name Prof. em. Dr. Lino Guzzella
Inst. Dynam. Syst. u. Regelungst.
ETH Zürich, ML K 40.2
Sonneggstrasse 3
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 54 48
DepartmentMechanical and Process Engineering
RelationshipProfessor emeritus

151-0073-31LARIS - Rocket Development Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: Enrollment for 151-0073-30L ARIS - Rocket Development in HS20.
14 credits15AL. Guzzella, M. Zeilinger
AbstractStudents develop and build a product from A-Z! They work in teams and independently, learn to structure problems, to identify solutions, system analysis and simulations, as well as presentation and documentation techniques. They build the product with access to a machine shop and state of the art engineering tools (Matlab, Simulink, etc).
ObjectiveThe various objectives of the Focus Project are:
- Synthesizing and deepening the theoretical knowledge from the basic courses of the 1. - 4. semester
- Team organization, work in teams, increase of interpersonal skills
- Independence, initiative, independent learning of new topic contents
- Problem structuring, solution identification in indistinct problem definitions, searches of information
- System description and simulation
- Presentation methods, writing of a document
- Ability to make decisions, implementation skills
- Workshop and industrial contacts
- Learning and recess of special knowledge
- Control of most modern engineering tools (Matlab, Simulink, CAD, CAE, PDM)
151-0590-00LControl Systems II Information 4 credits2V + 2UL. Guzzella
AbstractFor SISO systems: Controller design (PID, cascades, predictors, numerical methods), compensation of nonlinearities, controller realization. For MIMO systems: Design of state feedback controllers, state observers and observer-based controllers in time domain, in particular LQR and LQG approaches. Robustness analysis and approaches for robustness recovery. Controller design in frequency domain.
ObjectivePart I: The students are able to design and implement effective SISO controllers and to compensate the most important nonlinearities.
Part II: The students understand the differences between SISO and MIMO control systems and can apply the most important analysis and synthesis methods for MIMO control loops.
ContentPart I: More effective design methods for SISO controllers (PID, cascaded control loops, predictors, numerical methods). Compensation of the most important nonlinearities. Controller realization with analog and digital elements.
Part II: Extension of the basic SISO ideas (time and frequency domain, controllability, observability, eigenvalues, poles, zeros, frequency response, etc.) to MIMO systems. Design of state feedback controllers in time domain, in particular LQR approaches. Design of state observers and observer-based controllers with state feedback, in particular LQG approaches. Robustness analysis for MIMO control loops and approaches to increase robustness. Outlook to controller design in frequency domain. Several case studies.
Lecture notesScript for Control Systems II.

Parts from Analysis and Synthesis of Single-Input Single-Output Control Systems, Lino Guzzella, vdf Hochschulverlag.

In addition, the slides of the lecture will be made available online.
Literature- Analysis and Synthesis of Single-Input Single-Output Control Systems, Lino Guzzella, vdf Hochschulverlag.

- S. Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite. Multivariable Feedback Control, Analysis and design, 2nd ed. John Wiley and Sons.

- K. Zhou with J. C. Doyle. Essentials of Robust Control. Prentice Hall.

- Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers Karl J. Åström and Richard M. Murray
Prerequisites / NoticeKnowledge of the classical control theory (e.g. from the "151-0591-00 - Control Systems I" course).