Georg Maier: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Georg Maier
DepartmentInformation Technology and Electrical Engineering

227-0697-00LIndustrial Process Control4 credits3GG. Maier, A. Horch
AbstractIntroduction to process automation and its application in process industry and power generation
ObjectiveKnowledge of process automation and its application in industry and power generation
ContentIntroduction to process automation: system architecture, data handling, communication (fieldbusses), process visualization, engineering, etc.
Analysis and design of open loop control problems: discrete automata, decision tables, petri-nets, drive control and object oriented function group automation philosophy, RT-UML.
Engineering: Application programming in IEC61131-3 (function blocks, sequence control, structured text); process visualization and operation; engineering integration from sensor, cabling, topology design, function, visualization, diagnosis, to documentation; Industry standards (e.g. OPC, Profibus); Ergonomic design, safety (IEC61508) and availability, supervision and diagnosis.
Practical examples from process industry, power generation and newspaper production.
Lecture notesSlides will be available as .PDF documents, see "Learning materials" (for registered students only)
Prerequisites / NoticeExercises: Tuesday 15-16

Practical exercises will illustrate some topics, e.g. some control software coding using industry standard programming tools based on IEC61131-3.