Luis Salamanca Miño: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2023

NameHerr Dr. Luis Salamanca Miño
Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC)
ETH Zürich, OAT W 29
Andreasstrasse 5
8092 Zürich

252-4811-00LMachine Learning Seminar Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
The deadline for deregistering expires at the end of the second week of the semester. Students who are still registered after that date, but do not attend the seminar, will officially fail the seminar.
2 KP2SV. Boeva, E. Krymova, L. Salamanca Miño
KurzbeschreibungSeminal and recent papers in machine learning are presented and discussed.
LernzielThe seminar familiarizes students with advanced and recent ideas in machine learning. Original articles have to be presented, contexctualized, and critically reviewed. The students will learn how to structure a scientific presentation in English which covers the key ideas of a scientific paper.
InhaltThe seminar will cover a number of recent papers which have emerged as important contributions in the machine learning research community. The topics will vary from year to year but they are centered on methodological issues in machine learning like new learning algorithms, ensemble methods or new statistical models for machine learning applications.
LiteraturThe papers will be presented and allocated in the first session of the seminar.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesBasic knowledge of machine learning as taught in undergraduate courses such as "252-0220-00 Introduction to Machine Learning" are required.