Anna Stünzi: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2021

NameFrau Dr. Anna Stünzi
ETH Zürich, ZUE F 2
Zürichbergstrasse 18
8092 Zürich
DepartementGeistes-, Sozial- und Staatswissenschaften

851-0610-00LThe Role of Finance in Tackling Climate Change Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Primarily suited for Master and PhD students.
3 KP2VB. Steffen, F. M. Egli, A. Stünzi
KurzbeschreibungThis course focuses on public policy to leverage finance in tackling climate change. We cover international negotiations as well as the role of governments in designing public policy for different financing actors (e.g. public and private) in developing and OECD countries.
Lernziel- Critically examine the role of finance (e.g. public vs private actors) in climate change and the energy transition
- Develop an understanding of the role and design of public policy to direct and mobilize finance
- Find out about current challenges in climate finance with a focus on Switzerland
InhaltReaching the 2°C climate target requires massive investments in low-carbon technologies. In 2015, the Paris Agreement underlined the responsibility of governments to align finance flows with climate change mitigation. Accordingly, a market for low-carbon investments emerged, but the available climate finance falls short of what is needed. Thus, political discussions on the international and national levels concern how public policies can better use the financial system to accelerate climate change mitigation. In this course, students will learn about the role of finance for the low-carbon transition in developing countries, in industrialized countries, and specifically in Switzerland. We will discuss existing policies, their effectiveness and the underlying political economy challenges to implement them. Combining recent academic findings and hands-on insights from guest lecturers, we will analyze structural challenges, conflicting positions in international negotiations and domestic policy-making, and the role of multilateral financial institutions. The course covers four key topics:
- The role of finance in climate change and the importance of public policy
- International climate finance and development
- Climate and energy finance in OECD countries
- Opportunities (and responsibilities) for Switzerland and its financial sector

The course has a highly interactive (seminar-like) character. Students are expected to give a presentation and to actively engage in the discussions. The presentation will also form part of the final grade, together with a final exam.
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