Anastasios Kouvelas: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2021

NameHerr Dr. Anastasios Kouvelas
Gruppe Strassenverkehrstechnik
ETH Zürich, HIL F 37.2
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zürich
Telefon+41 44 633 66 95
DepartementBau, Umwelt und Geomatik

101-0437-00LTraffic Engineering6 KP4GA. Kouvelas
KurzbeschreibungFundamentals of traffic flow theory and control.
LernzielThe objective of this course is to fully understand the fundamentals of traffic flow theory in order to effectively manage traffic operations. By the end of this course students should be able to apply basic techniques to model different aspects of urban and inter-urban traffic performance, including congestion.
InhaltIntroduction to fundamentals of traffic flow theory and control. Includes understanding of traffic data collection and processing techniques, as well as data analysis, traffic modeling, and methodologies for traffic control.
SkriptThe lecture notes and additional handouts will be provided during the lectures.
LiteraturAdditional literature recommendations will be provided during the lectures.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesVerkehr III - Road Transport Systems 6th Sem. BSc (101-0415-00L)
Special permission from the instructor can be requested if the student has not taken Verkehr III
101-0467-01LTransport Systems
Only for master students, otherwise a special permisson by the lecturers is required.
6 KP4GK. W. Axhausen, A. Kouvelas, Y. Zhu
KurzbeschreibungHistory, impact and principles of the design and operation of
transport systems
LernzielIntroduction of the basic principles of the design and operation of
transport systems (road, rail, air) and of the essential pathways of their
impacts (investment, generalised costs, accessibilities, external effects), referring to relatively constant, and factors with substantial future uncertainty, in the past and expected evolution of transport systems.
InhaltTransport systems and land use; network design; fundamental model of mobility behaviour; costs and benefits of mobility; transport history

Classification of public transport systems; Characteristics of rail systems, bus systems, cable cars and funiculars, unconventional systems; introduction to logistics; fundamentals of rail freight transports; freight transport systems; intermodal transportation

Network layout and its impact on road traffic. Traffic control systems for urban and inter-urban areas. Fundamentals of road safety and infrastructure maintenance.
SkriptLecturer notes and slides as well as hints to further literature will be given during the course.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesObligatory lecture for students of the first semester of MSc Spatial development and Infrastructure Systems.