Craig Hamilton: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2018

NameHerr Craig Hamilton
Mattenstrasse 26
4058 Basel

636-0023-00LScientific Writing
This course is limited to PhD students only
2 KP2GC. Hamilton
KurzbeschreibungScientific Writing Seminar for PhD Students
LernzielThis course aims to help young scientists become better writers to advance their careers. This course focuses on the genre of the journal article so students can become proficient writers of scientific articles that journals in their field may publish.
InhaltStudents who take this course will learn how to write an effective journal article for their specific discipline or field. Most journal articles are based on the IMRAD format: introduction, methods and materials, results, and discussion. Students will learn a great deal about the rhetorical structure of journal articles in order to be able to write their own articles effectively. The course therefore combines theory with practice, with readings and discussions supplemented by regular writing tasks and feedback. Students will improve their skills throughout the semester, and several workshops will be dedicated specifically to style. In the end, students will learn not only what to do to write an effective journal article, they will also learn how to write one on their own in clear, plain English.
SkriptClasses will include short lectures, discussions, exercises, and peer review so that students receive regular feedback on their writing. This is a hands-on course so students can really make the most of it.
LiteraturA script with readings and exercises will be provided by the lecturer before the first class.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesStudents should have a good level of English (B2 level or above) to succeed in the course. Students should also be ready to write about their own research, which will require having some results to write about, even if those results are preliminary.

Students should bring a laptop computer to each class to complete assigned writing activities and to easily enable textual editing and revision