Yael Borofsky: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2023

Name Dr. Yael Borofsky
Collegium Helveticum
ETH Zürich, STW C 12.2
Schmelzbergstrasse 25
8092 Zürich
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences

860-0101-00LDesigning Public Policy Research
Only PhD students. Permission from lecturers is required.
2 credits2SB. Steffen, T. Bernauer, Y. Borofsky, T. Schmidt
AbstractPhD students in public policy (or related fields) get an introduction to epistemology and an overview of different methodological approaches. The course will help them design their own (interdisciplinary) research and create meaningful and policy-relevant insights.
ObjectiveStudents should be able to understand how (policy-relevant) knowledge can be created and what the potentials and limits of different research designs and methodologies are.
ContentAfter an introduction to epistemology and the philosophy of science, students will gain insights into different research approaches, including qualitative and quantitative empirical designs, computational modelling, and conceptual and analytical approaches.