Nicholas Meyer: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2021

NameMr Nicholas Meyer
Geosensorik und Ingenieurgeodäsie
ETH Zürich, HIL D 46.2
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 21 09
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

103-0115-01LGeodetic Measuring Technology and Laserscanning6 credits4GM. Vollmer, A. Wieser, N. Meyer
AbstractAdvanced topics in geodetic metrology with focus on approaches to 3d modelling of local real world environments with higher accuracy.
ObjectiveBy the end of this course, the students are able to create digital 3d models of the real world covering areas with an extension up to several 100 m with accuracies in the mm- to cm-level range. They can select the appropriate geodetic instruments or terrestrial laser scanners, plan and carry out the required working steps, test the equipment before use, and describe the quality of the results. They know a broad spectrum of visualization options and can assess their respective suitability for various application cases.
Content- Overview: 3D Modelling from planning of data acquisition to visualization of the results
- Modern geodetic instruments
- Atmospheric effects
- Measurement techniques for high accuracy
- Introduction to terrestrial laser scanning
- Test and calibration of measurement instruments
- Point cloud processing: preprocessing, registration & georeferencing
- 3d modelling and visualization of objects, VR/AR/MR
Lecture notesThe slides and documents for enhanced study and further reading will be provided online.
LiteratureWitte B, Sparla P (2015) Vermessungskunde und Grundlagen der Statistik für das Bauwesen. 8. Aufl., Wichmann Verlag.

Shan J, Toth C (ed) (2018) Topographic Laser Ranging and Scanning: Principles and Processing. 2nd ed. CRC Press.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe course is carried out in German. Basic knowledge of geodetic metrology is required as a prerequisite, corresponding to the learning objectives and content of the course Geodätische Messtechnik GZ. Besides lectures and data processing, the course also comprises extensive practical exercises in the field.