Xiaodong Ma: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2021

NameHerr Dr. Xiaodong Ma
Seismologie und Geodynamik
ETH Zürich, NO F 27
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich

651-4018-00LBorehole Geophysics3 KP3GM. Hertrich, X. Ma
KurzbeschreibungThis introductory course on borehole geophysical methods covers the application of borehole logging and borehole-borehole and borehole-surface seismic, and radar imaging to rock mass and reservoir characterization. The principles of operation of various logging sondes will be covered as well as their application. The emphasis is on geotechnical rather than oil and gas well reservoir engineering.
LernzielThe course will introduce students to modern borehole logging techniques with the emphasis on geotechnical rather than oil and gas well reservoir engineering. Although the principles of operation of the various sondes will be covered, the primary focus will be on application. For a given problem in a given environment, the students should be able to design a logging program that will furnish the requisite information. They will also be able to extract information on rock mass/reservoir properties by combining curves from a suite of logs. The students will also learn about surface-to-borehole and borehole-to-borehole seismic methods for rock mass characterisation. This will include VSP and tomography.
Inhalt- General introduction to geophysical logging

- Discussion of various logging types including
- Caliper logs
- Televiewer logs
- Flowmeter and temperature logs
- Resistivity logs
- Nuclear logs
- Sonic logs

- Suface-to-borehole and borehole-to-borehole methods
- Instrumentation
- Vertical seismic profiling
- Crosshole tomography
- Applications
SkriptA pdf copy of the lecture will be posted on the course website no later than the day before each class.
LiteraturWell logging for physical properties (A handbook for Geophysicists, Geologists and Engineers), 2nd Edition, Hearst, J.R., Nelson, P.H. and F.L. Paillet, John Wiley and Son, 2001. - Out of print.

Well logging for Earth Scientists, Ellis, D.V. and J.M. Singer, 2nd Edition, Springer, 2007. In print - cost Euro 33.
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