Joaquim Serra: Courses in Autumn Semester 2021

Name Prof. Dr. Joaquim Serra
Professur für Mathematik
ETH Zürich, HG J 54
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 50 60
RelationshipAssociate Professor

401-3531-00LDifferential Geometry I Information
At most one of the three course units (Bachelor Core Courses)
401-3461-00L Functional Analysis I
401-3531-00L Differential Geometry I
401-3601-00L Probability Theory
can be recognised for the Master's degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. In this case, you cannot change the category assignment by yourself in myStudies but must take contact with the Study Administration Office (Link) after having received the credits.
10 credits4V + 1U
401-3531-00 VDifferential Geometry I4 hrs
Mon14:15-16:00ML H 44 »
Wed14:15-16:00HG E 5 »
J. Serra
401-3531-00 UDifferential Geometry I
Groups are selected in myStudies.
Thu 13-14 or Thu 16-17 or Fri 13-14
1 hrs
Thu13:15-14:00HG E 22 »
16:15-17:00IFW C 31 »
Fri13:15-14:00HG F 3 »
J. Serra
401-5350-00LAnalysis Seminar Information 0 credits1K
401-5350-00 KAnalysis Seminar
**together with University of Zurich**
1 hrs
Tue15:15-16:00HG G 43 »
A. Carlotto, F. Da Lio, A. Figalli, N. Hungerbühler, M. Iacobelli, T. Ilmanen, L. Kobel-Keller, T. Rivière, J. Serra, University lecturers