Anastasios Stathis: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2020

Name PD Anastasios Stathis
Ospedale San Giovanni EOC
Via A. Gallino 12
Inst. Oncologico Svizzera Italiana
6500 Bellinzona
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology

377-0517-00LOncology Restricted registration - show details
Only for Human Medicine BSc
2 credits2VA. Alimonti, A. Calcinotto, A. Stathis, J.‑P. Theurillat
AbstractAdvances in our knowledge of cancer genetics and the immune system are changing the ways in which we treat various types of cancer. This is a unique course designed to help students to learn about cutting-edge principle of cancer genetics, targeted and immunotherapies from leading expert in the field.
ObjectiveStudents will learn basic concepts of cancer patient’s management and anti-cancer therapy both clinically approved and experimental.
ContentBasic knowledge in oncology
- The cancer outbreak and its prevention
- Tumor diagnostic, imaging and screening
- Basic principle of cancer managment (neo-adjuvant, adjuvant, palliative. RT/Surgery/CT)
- Management of tumor recurrence and Follow up

- The promise of Immuno-oncology
- Basic Tumor Immunology
- Checkpoint Blockade
- CAR T and other experimental Immunotherapies

Oncology practice
- Clinical application: Evidence Based Medicine in oncology
- Clinical application: Immunology
- Clinical application: Chemo-radiotherapy and Theragnostic
- Clinical application: Targeted therapy in cancer

Experimental oncology
- Co-clinical trial: the relevance of mouse models
- Next Generation sequencing and precision oncology
- Microbiota and Cancer therapy
- Liquid biopsy (CTC and clusters), proteomics, circulating DNA/RNA hip or hope?).

Targeted therapy
- From Arsenic Trioxide and Glivec to modern targeted therapies
- Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics
- Basic knowledge of signal transduction and cancer metabolism
- Mechanism of resistance to targeted therapies

Experimental oncology 2
- Senescence therapy and senolytic
- Cancer metabolism (therapy and imaging)
- Nanomedicine and cancer (approved and experimental)
- How to do Oncology in the Big Pharma
Prerequisites / NoticeVoraussetzungen:
LE 377-0105-00L Bewegungsapparat
LE 377-0107-00L Nervensystem
LE 377-0201-00L Herz-Kreislauf-System
LE 377-0203-00L Atmungs-System
LE 377-0205-00L Nieren und Homöostase
LE 377-0301-01L Blut, Immunsystem
LE 377-0301-02L Ernährung und Verdauung
LE 377-0301-03L Endokrinologie, Stoffwechsel
LE 377-0401-00L Sinnesorgane
LE 377-0403-00L Haut und Anhangsorgane