Fabiano Orelli: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2021

NameMr Fabiano Orelli
BLV - Bundesamt für
Lebensm.sicherheit +Veterinärwesen
Schwarzburgstrasse 155
3003 Bern
Telephone058 469 08 16
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology

752-5111-00LGene Technology in Foods3 credits2VF. Constancias, G. Broggini, A. Greppi, F. Orelli
AbstractThis course will increase basic knowledge on biotechnological constructions and application of genetically modified organisms (GMO) which are used worldwide in food production systems. The course discusses health issues, the legislation frame and food safety aspects of GMO applications in agriculture, food production and consumption in Switzerland and EU-countries.
ObjectiveThis course will provide knowledge and biological background on genetically modified organisms (GMO) and food produced with the help of GMO, especially on the molecular basis of GMO constructions with emphasis on genetically modified food in Switzerland and the EU. Criteria of rationale food safety and health assessment in agriculture and food consumption will be elaborated.
ContentOverview on application in gene technology, the gene transfer potential of bacteria, plants and other organisms and the mostly used transgenes in food as well as on GMO used for food production and their detection technologies in food; food safety assessment of GMO food; information on the legislation in Switzerland and EU-countries
Lecture notesCopies of slides from lectures will be provided
LiteratureActual publications from literature will be provided
Prerequisites / NoticeGood knowledge in biology, especially in microbiology and molecular biology are prerequisites.
Some contents will be provided by registred students who will present as a group an actual publication.