Gregor Möller: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2020

Name Dr. Gregor Möller
I. f. Geodäsie u. Photogrammetrie
ETH Zürich, HPV G 58.1
Robert-Gnehm-Weg 15
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 34 95
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

103-0158-01LNavigation5 credits4GG. Möller
AbstractIntroduction to the concepts and basics of navigation related total systems on land, air, sea and space
ObjectiveThe students gain an overview of human spatial navigation concepts as well as modern navigation systems and their major principles. The students are able to deepen their knowledge by their own and recognize and understand principles of systems in different applications.
ContentConcepts of human spatial navigation, Reference systems, Navigation principles, Statistics in Navigation, Filtering, Basics of state space control systems, Satellite navigation systems, Vehicle nav, Air traffic control systems, Spacecraft and autonomous navigation.
Lecture notesMoeller G., Navigation, Lecture notes
LiteratureEkstrom A. D., Spiers H. J., BohbotV. D., Rosenbaum R. S., Human Spatial Navigation, Prinction University Press, ISBN 9780691171746, 216 p., 2018

Hofmann-Wellenhof B., Legat K., Wieser M., Navigation, Springer Nature, ISBN 9783211008287, 427 p., 2003
103-0738-00LGNSS Lab5 credits4GR. Hohensinn, G. Möller
AbstractConsolidation of knowledge in satellite geodesy and its application to GNSS.
ObjectiveStudents know the technological background of GNSS. They are able to interpret and to qualify GNSS results and to carry out error estimations. Autonomous work on GNSS-related problems.
ContentAutonomous development, planning, and carrying out of a small GNSS-project. As needed further satellite geodetic background will be given ( GNSS-positioning and navigation, satellite orbits, consolidated knowledge of GNSS, observation equations, principles of measurements, disturbances, practical operation)
Lecture notesNavigation, Alain Geiger, GGL-ETHZ
GNSS, Markus Rothacher, GGL-ETHZ