Andrea Alimonti: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2022

Name Prof. Dr. Andrea Alimonti
FieldExperimental Oncology and Translational Cancer Medicine
Institute of Oncology Research
Via F. Chiesa 5
6500 Bellinzona
Telephone+4158 6667115
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology
RelationshipFull Professor

376-0303-00LColloquium in Translational Science (Autumn Semester)1 credit1KN. Cesarovic, A. Alimonti, C. Ewald, V. Falk, J. Goldhahn, K. Maniura, M. Ristow, R. M. Rossi, S. Schürle-Finke, G. Shivashankar, E. Vayena, V. Vogel
AbstractCurrent topics in translational medicine presented by speakers from academia and industry.
ObjectiveGetting insight into actual areas and problems of translational medicine.
ContentTimely and concise presentations of postgraduate students, post-docs, senior scientists, professors, as well as external guests from both academics and industry will present topics of their interest related to translational medicine.
Prerequisites / NoticeNo compulsory prerequisites, but student should have basic knowledge about biomedical research.
377-0517-00LOncology Restricted registration - show details
Only for Human Medicine BSc
2 credits2VA. Alimonti, A. Calcinotto, A. Fontecedro-Curioni, A. Stathis, J.‑P. Theurillat
AbstractAdvances in our knowledge of cancer genetic and the cancer immunology are changing the ways by which clinicians treat various types of cancer. This is a unique course designed to help students to learn about cutting-edge principles of cancer genetic, cancer immunology and target therapy and to apply these concepts to the clinical practice guided by leading experts in the field.
ObjectiveStudents will learn basic concepts of cancer patients' management and will acquired knowledge regarding experimental and clinically approved anti-cancer therapies.
ContentBasic knowledge in oncology
1. The cancer outbreak and its prevention
2. Tumor diagnostic, imaging and screening
3. Basic principle of cancer managment and tumor recurrence
4. Clinical application: a clinical case study

Experimental immuno-oncology
1. Hallmarks of Cancer
2. The promise of Immuno-oncology
3. Experimental Immunotherapies: Checkpoint Blockade and CAR T cells
4. From Bedside to Bench to Bedside (Journal Club)

Targeted therapy
1. Cancer Genomics and Epigenomics
2. Basic knowledge of signal transduction and cancer metabolism
3. From Arsenic Trioxide and Glivec to modern targeted therapies
4. Mechanism of resistance to targeted therapies

Oncology practice
1. Basic and clinical application: Chemotherapy
2. Basic and clinical application: Radiotherapy
3. Clinical application: Evidence Based Medicine in oncology
4. Design and analysis of Clinical Trial
5. Clinical application: Immunotherapy
6. Clinical application: Target Therapy
7. From Symptoms to diagnosis
8. Oncology Emergency
Prerequisites / NoticePrerequisites:
LE 377-0105-00L Bewegungsapparat
LE 377-0107-00L Nervensystem
LE 377-0201-00L Herz-Kreislauf-System
LE 377-0203-00L Atmungs-System
LE 377-0205-00L Nieren und Homöostase
LE 377-0301-01L Blut, Immunsystem
LE 377-0301-02L Ernährung und Verdauung
LE 377-0301-03L Endokrinologie, Stoffwechsel
LE 377-0401-00L Sinnesorgane
LE 377-0403-00L Haut und Anhangsorgane