Elena Tervoort-Gorokhova: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name Dr. Elena Tervoort-Gorokhova
Professur Multifunktionsmaterial.
ETH Zürich, HCI F 501
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 37 35

327-2204-00LMaterials at Work II4 credits4SR. Spolenak, D. Hegemann, E. Tervoort-Gorokhova
AbstractThis course attempts to prepare the student for a job as a materials engineer in industry. The gap between fundamental materials science and the materials engineering of products should be bridged. The focus lies on the practical application of fundamental knowledge allowing the students to experience application related materials concepts with a strong emphasis on case-study mediated learning.
ObjectiveTeaching goals:

to learn how materials are selected for a specific application

to understand how materials around us are produced and manufactured

to understand the value chain from raw material (feedstock, ores,...) to application

to be exposed to state of the art technologies for processing, joining and shaping

to be exposed to industry related materials issues and the corresponding language (terminology) and skills

to create an impression of how a job in industry "works", to improve the perception of the demands of a job in industry
ContentThe general outline for Materials at work is:

Strategic Materials (where do raw materials come from, who owns them, who owns the IP and can they be substituted)
Materials Selection (what is the optimal material (class) for a specific application)
Materials systems (subdivisions include all classical materials classes)
Joining (assembly)
Materials and process scaling (from nm to m and vice versa, from mg to tons)
Sustainable materials manufacturing (cradle to cradle) Recycling (Energy recovery)
Materials testing

Materials at Work I focusses on Materials Selection, Polymers and Metals

Materials at Work II focusses on Metal processing, Ceramics and Surfaces
Lecture notesPlease use the Moodle-link
LiteratureManufacturing, Engineering & Technology
Serope Kalpakjian, Steven Schmid
ISBN: 978-0131489653
Prerequisites / NoticeMetalle 1,2
Polymere 1,2
Keramik 1,2
Materials at Work I