Fisher Yu: Course units in Spring Semester 2022

Name Prof. Dr. Fisher Yu
FieldComputer Vision
Professur für Computer Vision
ETH Zürich, ETF F 104
Sternwartstrasse 7
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 55 67
DepartmentInformation Technology and Electrical Engineering
RelationshipAssistant Professor (Tenure Track)

227-0085-24LProjects & Seminars: Vision and Control in RoboCup Restricted registration - show details
Only for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology BSc.

The course unit can only be taken once. Repeated enrollment in a later semester is not creditable.
3 credits1PJ. Lygeros, L. Van Gool, F. Yu
227-0562-00LRobot Learning Restricted registration - show details 6 credits2V + 2UF. Yu