Mrinmaya Sachan: Lehrveranstaltungen im Frühjahrssemester 2021

NameHerr Prof. Dr. Mrinmaya Sachan
LehrgebietMaschinelles Lernen und Natürliche Sprachverarbeitung
Masch.Lernen und Nat.Sprachverarb.
ETH Zürich, OAT Y 22.2
Andreasstrasse 5
8092 Zürich
BeziehungAssistenzprofessor (Tenure Track)

252-0945-12LDoctoral Seminar Machine Learning (FS21)
Only for Computer Science Ph.D. students.

This doctoral seminar is intended for PhD students affiliated with the Institute for Machine Learning. Other PhD students who work on machine learning projects or related topics need approval by at least one of the organizers to register for the seminar.
2 KP1S
252-0945-00 SDoctoral Seminar Machine Learning1 Std.
Di12:15-13:00CAB G 59 »
N. He, M. Sachan, J. M. Buhmann, T. Hofmann, A. Krause, G. Rätsch
263-5000-00LComputational Semantics for Natural Language Processing Information Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Limited number of participants: 80. Last cancellation/deregistration date for this graded semester performance: Friday, 26 March 2021! Please note that after that date no deregistration will be accepted and the course will be considered as "fail".
6 KP2V + 1U + 2A
263-5000-00 VComputational Semantics for Natural Language Processing2 Std.
Do10:15-12:00CAB G 51 »
M. Sachan
263-5000-00 UComputational Semantics for Natural Language Processing1 Std.
Do15:15-16:00CAB G 59 »
M. Sachan
263-5000-00 AComputational Semantics for Natural Language Processing2 Std.M. Sachan