Heinrich C. Bucher: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

Name Prof. Dr. Heinrich C. Bucher
(Professor Universität Basel)
Klinische EpidemologieBiostatistik
Spitalstrasse 12
4031 Basel
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology

377-0405-00LFundamentals of Research and Ethics Restricted registration - show details
Only for Human Medicine BSc.
5 credits5VH. C. Bucher, E. Vayena, C. Wolfrum, A. Blasimme, C. Brall, F. Gille, M. Ienca, further lecturers
AbstractOn the one hand, this module teaches basic knowledge for a critical study of literature with a close relation to clinical decision making as well as the fundamentals of clinical research methodology. On the other hand, methods of personalized medicine and related ethical problems in medical and biomedical research are discussed.
ObjectiveThis module is intended to enable students to critically appreciate scientific literature and to plan clinical trials themselves, and to recognize and analyze ethical controversial situations in everyday medical practice.
ContentThe sub-module 'Clinical Research' contains the following aspects:
- Basic principles of evidence assessment (validity, clinical relevance and external validity of evidence) on the basis of clinical case vignettes (diagnostics, therapy, screening).
- Development and presentation of a clinical trial protocol.
The ‘Ethics in Medicine and Health Care’ sub-module contains the following ethical issues:
- Doctor-patient relationship
- End-of-life decisions
- Reproductive choices
- Techniques such as genetic testing, genome sequencing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
The submodule 'Personalized Medicine' contains the following aspects:
- Introduction to precision medicine
- Mendelian inheritance and monogenic diseases
- GWAS and precision medicine
- Biomarkers in precision medicine