Cyril Chelle-Michou: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2021

NameHerr Prof. Dr. Cyril Chelle-Michou
Inst. für Geochemie und Petrologie
ETH Zürich, NW F 83
Clausiusstrasse 25
8092 Zürich
Telefon+41 44 632 38 31
BeziehungAssistenzprofessor (Tenure Track)

651-0254-00LSeminar Geochemistry and Petrology0 KP2SO. Bachmann, C. Chelle-Michou, M. W. Schmidt, M. Schönbächler, D. Vance
KurzbeschreibungSeminar series with external and occasional internal speakers addressing current research topics. Changing programs announced via D-ERDW homepage (Veranstaltungskalender)
LernzielPresentations on isotope geochemistry, cosmochemistry, fluid processes, economic geology, petrology, mineralogy and experimental studies. Speakers (mostly from abroad) will provide students, department members and interested guests insight into current research topics in these fields.
InhaltWöchentliches Seminar mit Fachvorträgen eingeladener oder interner Wissenschafter, vornehmlich zu Themen der Geochemie, Isotogengeologie, Hydrothermalgeochemie, Lagerstättenbildung, Petrologie, Mineralogie und experimentelle Studien.
651-4024-00LMineral Resources II3 KP2GC. Chelle-Michou, T. Driesner
KurzbeschreibungMagmatic-hydrothermal ore formation from plate-tectonic scale to fluid inclusions, with a focus on porphyry-Cu-Au deposits, epithermal precious-metal deposits and granite-related Sn-W deposits
LernzielRecognise and interpret ore-forming processes in hand samples. Understand the string of processes that contribute to metal enrichment mainly along active plate margins, from lithosphere dynamics through magma evolution, fluid separation, subsolidus fluid evolution, and alteration and mineral precipitation by interaction of magmatic fluids with country rocks and the hydrosphere. Understand connection to active volcanism and geothermal processes. Insight into modern research approaches including field mapping, analytical techniques and modelling in preparation for MSc projects.
InhaltDetailed program of contents will be updated yearly.
SkriptShort notes are distributed in class
LiteraturExtensive reference list distributed with course notes
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesBuilds on BSc integration course "Integrierte Erdsysteme" and MSc course "Mineral Resources I", as essential introductions to the principles of hydrothermal ore formation in sedimentary basins and to orthomagmatic metal enrichment. Reflected Light Microscopy and Ore Deposit Practical, coordinated with Mineral Resources I, is recommended but not essential. BSc students intending to study the module Mineral Resources in their MSc program should take both courses "Mineral Resources I and II" during their MSc studies.
651-4036-00LField Excursion Module Mineral Resources
Priority is given to D-ERDW students. If space is available UZH Geography and Earth System Sciences students may attend this field course at full cost.

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3 KP6PT. Driesner, C. Chelle-Michou
KurzbeschreibungExcursion to areas of active and past mining activity and practical industry courses. Mapping relations between regional/local geology and ore deposit formation in the field and in active mines. Insight into the work of mine and exploration geologists, including geophysical measurements, geochemical data handling, economic evaluation, etc.
LernzielUnderstand the regional and local geology as a framework for ore deposit formation. Detailed field and drill core mapping of hydrothermal veining and alteration. Discuss actual mineral deposits and their position within this framework during mine visits. Study similarities and differences between processes leading to the formation of different ore deposit types. Obtain insight into challenges linking economic geology and mining with social and environmental constraints.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesCourse plans changing through the years. Subscribe through MyStudies once.

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